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About Caddy Chicks
We are an online service bringing back 500 years of golf tradition in a modern age. In an effort to introduce more women to the game of golf, and by utilizing the internet, we are allowing an otherwise diminishing tradition to be revived. As well as having more women enjoy the sport, we want bring back the way golf was meant to have been played. Walking, enjoying the course and the scenery. The top 200 or so players in the world have a caddy every time they play, we think the other 20 million golfers should be able to have the same opportunity.
Our Mission was formed to provide an opportunity for women to learn more about the game of golf through the eyes of a caddy.  We are dedicated to providing training and support so that they may learn the game as it is meant to be played.
Remember caddie programs are an excellent way for young people to earn some money and be exposed to a sport that they can enjoy and might help shape their character.

A good caddie can make the round more enjoyable by giving you hints that might lower your score.

A good caddie can provide information on yardage, club selection, reading the greens and the layout of the course.

Established in 2006, has four main goals.
1.  Give women that could not normally afford the high cost of entry or are too intimidated a glimpse of the game by being a caddy.
2.  Provide training programs online and around the country at select golf facilities.
3.  Bring back the dying profession of the caddy.
4.  To provide a scholarship fund for our caddies wanting to become professional golf caddies.