Step out of your comfort zone and grab life by the balls

Four guys stand near the first tee, waiting for the group ahead of them. They’re well out of range, but the men hesitate. Why? They’re ballsy.


It’s not that their balls are actually larger, or will come off the club face hotter. It’s an attitude, a way of life. And it’s likely that they paid a visit to to find their way.


What is Big Balls Golf? We started with the basic idea that, when it comes to golf apparel, everyone looks the same. It also occurred to us that it’s as boring as hell. Sure, the slacks look nice, the traditional “golf shirt” has many colors. But basically, it’s redundant.


Our thinking is simple: Offer a product line that allows men to be men, not sweater-over-the-shoulders,golf-clapping conformists.The look is clean and straight forward, black and white. Each of the products we offer has a logo that is as unique as they come. It will undoubtedly have everyone doing double takes.


So, do it. Step out of your comfort zone. Unleash the beast at