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SofTee Fairway Practice Mat

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You can stop looking for a home practice mat.  This is the best home hitting mat available.  Callaway knows it is, that is why they feature it in their new commercials.  But what makes it special?  The two seperate mats allows even the tallest golfer with the longest driver the ability to take a long full swing.  You have hit off of mats that have jarred your bones at the driving range.  This mat has a jell layer that absorbs that shock.  If you buy any other may you are not getting the value you deserve.  Yes, it is $159 and it is worth every penny.  Manufactured in Wales, United Kingdom the base material is ground up car tires.  That is were the mass comes in.  The weave for the synthetic hitting surface is made in Germany in the best looms in the world.  Weighing in at 33 lbs it won't slide like smaller mats and yet it's still small enough to carry. This SoftTee, Fairway Practice Mat is made of a densely compounded rubber material. Along with the hitting surface, there is a second heavy duty mat.  This provides the standing area which keeps your feet at the same elevation as the ball. The hitting surface is a soft feel synthetic turf material that is formed to be homogenious with the dense rubber. The pads are each 32.5" Long x 20" Wide.  At $159.00 it compares favorably with other $800 hitting surfaces.  We have had one in our hittring cage in our retail location and it looks brand new after having people hack at it 10 hours a day 7 days a week.  I also have had one outside for almost two years hitting on it every other day for 50-100 swings.  It also looks brand new after I hose the leaves and debris off of it.  .    If you don't think thThe pads include one dozen BirdieBallsis is the best artificial hitting surface in the world, retrun it for a full and unconditional refund.


Price: $159.00